Published on Oct 14, 2018

Vikings White Background Images

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Viking is a general term for people who came from Scandinavia, now it is Norway, Denmark and Sweden, between the 8th and 11th centuries, better known as Norse, or Norsemen.

They have long had a well-known reputation for attacking the raiders and pirates of the medieval world and, of course, it is not unjustified: their attacks are terrible and prolonged. However, they are also researchers and skilled sailors who manage to spread across Europe and east into Asia, south to North Africa, and west like Newfoundland. They created trade routes through the known world and settled in Northern Britain, Ireland and among the Franks, forming the Kievan Rūs kingdom on the River Volga.

The Scandinavians were originally pagans and targeted the wealthy Christian monasteries in their raids, but later converted. Some of the stunning stave churches that they built in Scandinavia can still be seen today.


The origin of the name of the Vikings is uncertain. This may be associated with the word vík, ‘creek, inlet, bay’, which means that the Vikings are those who came or lived on the ends of the land and the sea. Similarly, it may be an Anglo-Frisian name from an old English camp, referring to temporary settlements built during their attacks.

The Vikings sailed the seas trading to buy silver, silk, spices, wine, jewelry, glass and ceramic to bring back to their homes.

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