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Werewolf Background Images

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The first interesting fact about Werewolves is that we can trace them back to Turkish cave paintings as far as 8,000 B.C. and even written, documented cases exist from as early as 2, 000 B.C. In that era, the Epic of Gilgamesh, and epic poem and one of the earliest forms of literary fiction, was penned and included several references to werewolves. Many centuries later, around 400 B.C., we find recorded Grecian stories of Damarchus, an Arcadian werewolf who changed back to a man after nine years and was reported to have won a boxing medal at the Greek Olympics.

In 1020 A.D. we find our first record of the word “werewolf”. It is at this point in time that the legend begins to take off. In 1101, Prince Vseslav of Polotsk, the most powerful ruler of the Ukrain city Polotsk, died and was rumored to be a werewolf. A century later, Volsungasaga, probably the most important saga of the Fornaldar Sagas, or epic poems, included references to the hero Sigmund and his son Sinfjötli who wore cursed to turn transform into wolves during a full moon. By the early 1400’s we begin to see references to women being trialed for “riding wolves” and in the 1500’s there are many recorded instances of men being executed for being werewolves. Astonishingly, from 1520 to 1630, there are over 30,000 werewolf trials recorded in France alone. During that same era, Weyer’s, De praestigus daemonum was published which rationalized werewolfism as a demonification of mental illness (a theory later supported by the infamous 1975 Surawicz and Banta research paper).

Greifswald Werewolves


According to old records, the German city of Greifswald became overrun with werewolves in the year 1640. The population of these beasts grew so large that any human who ventured out after dark was in danger of becoming a late night snack. They were especially present in Rokover Street and from there they attacked anyone who appeared outside of their houses after eight o’clock in the evening.

At that time there were a lot of students in Greifswald who had enough of staying inside after freaking eight o’clock and miss out on happy hour at the local pub. Therefore They banded together one night and set forth to haul some Werewolf butt-cheeks. Although the students put up a good fight, the powerful werewolves prove to be too much for them. However one of the more genius students suggested that they gather all their silver buttons, goblets, and other stuff they had inherited and melt them down into silver bullets. Invigorated and reinforced with a badass arsenal of holy weaponry, the gun-ho students set out once again to challenge the dominance of the werewolves and this time they successfully slaughtered the creatures and rid Greifswald of the Werewolves.

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