What Are IPhone Utilities?

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout and that should bring it back.

How do I set up utilities on my iPhone?

How to put apps in a folder

  1. To make a folder, drag an app onto another app.
  2. To rename the folder, tap the name field or the Close button , then enter the new name.
  3. Drag apps into the folder. Folders can have more than one page.

What are utilities app?

Thus, if you are wondering what utility apps are, then they can be described as those applications which perform some regular and basic functions rather than some high-end function. These are frequently used tools that often exist as built-in tools in the smartphones.

Which of these are examples for utility app?

Several types of utility software are as follows:

  • Antivirus.
  • File Management System.
  • Disk Management tools.
  • Compression tools.
  • Disk cleanup tool.
  • File Management System.
  • Disk Defragmenter.
  • Backup utility.

Which of the following is a utility type app?

Antivirus, backup software, file manager, disk compression tool all are utility software.

Where are iPhone Photo utilities?

Open Photos and tap the Albums tab. Scroll down and look for the Hidden album under Utilities. If you’re on an iPad, you might need to tap the sidebar icon in the upper-left corner, then scroll down until you see the Hidden album under Utilities.

Where is my app library on my iPhone?

The App Library is a new way to organize your iPhone’s apps, introduced in iOS 14. To find it, simply swipe all the way to the very last, rightmost page of your iPhone’s home screen. Once there, you’ll see all of your apps organized into several folders.

What are some examples of utilities?

What Are Examples of Utilities?

  • Water.
  • Electricity.
  • Natural gas.
  • Sewage and sanitation.

Where are photos utilities?

In the “Utilities” section of Google Photos, you can:

On the left, select Utilities . You may have suggestions to move photos to Archive, move to an Album, or to rotate photos.

Where is my hidden album?

Go to your iPhone settings and scroll down to “Photos.” In your “Photos” settings, you can scroll down to where it says “Hidden Album.” There’ll be a toggle to the right of it.

Where do I find my app library?

From your Home Screen, swipe your finger to the left until you see the App Library. Your apps are sorted in the App Library by category. The apps that you use most frequently appear as large icons that you can tap to open the app directly.

How do I open the app library?

Accessing the App Library

  1. Head to your last page of apps.
  2. Swipe one more time from right to left.
  3. Now you’ll see the App Library with automatically generated app categories.

How do you find hidden apps on iPhone?

How To View Your Hidden App Purchases:

  1. Open the App Store.
  2. Tap on the profile icon or your photo in the upper right corner.
  3. Tap on your Apple ID. You may need to enter your Apple ID password. Use Face or Touch ID if prompted.
  4. Tap Hidden Purchases to find hidden apps.​

How do I find hidden pictures in my gallery?

This option is near the middle of the Settings page. arrow in the top-left corner of the page. Look for hidden pictures. Go to the folder you want to search by tapping the folder’s location (e.g., Internal storage) and then tapping the folder, then search for images that have been hidden.

How do you find hidden messages on iPhone?

Part 3: How to Unhide Messages on iPhone

  1. Go to Settings and click Notifications.
  2. Swipe down the screen and find Messages > Tap on Messages.
  3. Allow Notifications. …
  4. Here you can choose to unhide alerts from Lock Screen, Notification Center, Banners, or select all to show text conversations.

Why can’t I find my hidden Photos on iPhone?

You should be able to find your Hidden album by opening the Photos app, and then tapping the Albums icon at the bottom. Then, scroll down to the very bottom of the Albums view and look for “Other Albums.” You should see Hidden there, along with Imports, and Recently Deleted.

What are the system utilities?

System utilities are used for supporting and enhancing the programs and the data in computer. Some system utilities may come embedded with OS and others may be added later on. Some examples of system utilities are : » Anti-virus utility to scan computer for viruses.

What is a utility suite?

System Utilities Suite contains a number of tools that Repair, Optimize and Maintain your computer for you. It is designed to be easy to use, smart and industry leading in its underlying technology. … System Utilities Suite is designed to be the routine maintenance for your computer to keep it running at its peak.

What is the difference between utility and application software?

Utility software is software designed to help analyze, configure, optimize or maintain a computer. It is used to support the computer infrastructure – in contrast to application software, which is aimed at directly performing tasks that benefit ordinary users.

Which of the following falls under utilities?

Utilities expense is the cost incurred by using utilities such as electricity, water, waste disposal, heating, and sewage. The expenses are incurred over the course of the reporting period, calculated, and accrued for, or payment is rendered.

What are the 10 examples of utility software?

10 Best Utility Software for PC Optimization

  • CCleaner.
  • Everything.
  • KeyFinder.
  • iolo System Mechanic.
  • IObit Advanced SystemCare.
  • Partition Wizard.
  • iMonitor EAM.
  • PC Startup Master 3.

How can I record my conversation on iPhone?

Tap the blue “Voice Memos” application icon from your iPhone’s menu. Tap the circular red “Record” button on the left side of the application. Your iPhone will now be recording all conversations it picks up with its microphone.

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