What Did Endeavor Do Rei?

Few of those backstories are as bad as the one Endeavor carries as the Number One hero has a dark past. The man was an abusive husband and father who reigned over his household with fear. And after lots of theorizing, the series has explained why Rei even agreed to have more kids with the man.

Did Endeavor hit his wife?

Only when Shoto was born was where Endeavor started to begin mistreating his family. His abuse towards his wife caused her to have a mental breakdown, yet he showed no concern for her when it happened.

Who is Shoto Todoroki’s girlfriend?

2 Todoroki Shoto & Yaoyorozu Momo Recognize The Value In One Another.

Who does Tsuyu have a crush on?

l e i – l e i ★ — Tsuyu-chan’s crush.

Who is DEKU crush?

It becomes hinted early on that Izuku possibly has a crush on Ochako. He sometimes can become flustered in her presence, especially when she talks to him.

What did Enji do to REI?

In order for Shoto to be his successor he decided to train him rigorously to the point of Shoto getting sick. Rei tried to defend her son from Enji arguing that “he’s only five.” Enji slaps Rei in retaliation knocking her away.

Is Rei Todoroki abusive?

Shoto Todoroki

Rei was a kind, caring and loving parent towards Shoto, unlike Enji. She tried to stop Enji from making Shoto go through his harsh training, and endured physical abuse due to her attempts.

Is ENJI Todoroki abusive?

He was going to have a son who would do it for him. … Enji has done this through abusive means of control and dominance, and in doing so has created a highly toxic relationship between himself, his wife and his son. Much of the problems in the Todoroki household are because of Enji’s actions. He is an abuser.

Did Dabi give REI the flowers?

The newest chapters were recently leaked, and it was revealed Dabi is Touya. Fans quickly latched onto the fact someone has been leaving blue flowers in Rei’s room, and it was not revealed who. The majority just went with the idea it was Endeavor.

Is Teka Todoroki canon?

Is a non canon character made by someone unrelated to the creation of BNHA.

Does Endeavor know Dabi is his son?

He definitely does … 4. Dabi introduces himself to Endeavor and refers to him as his real name, before revealing himself to be his eldest son, Toya Todoroki, a revelation which shocks Endeavor and Shoto to their core.

Does endeavor visit REI?

So, Rei said that Endeavor had visited her in the hospital, probably multiple times. What do you theorize he said to her? Because the flower he gave her looked pretty fresh and alive, meaning the visit was recent. I hope they reveal what he said to her.

Why did Rei burn Todoroki?

She would always support Shoto such as trying to stop her husband’s mad training methods and encouraging her son to become the man he wants to be, indicating her selflessness. … This caused her to throw a kettle of boiling water she had near her over her son’s face, burning him.

Who did DEKU marry?

My Hero Academia: 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Deku & Uraraka’s Relationship. Deku & Uraraka are My Hero’s most popular couple.

Does Dabi care about Shoto?

Although he seemed to only care about making Endeavor feel despair, it is hinted that Dabi hates Shoto even more from the moment he was born because Shoto inherited his mother’s ice powers which regulates his flames while he only inherited his mother’s low tolerance to fire.

Did Endeavor lose his eye?

Much like Todoroki, Endeavor will at the very least have a scar covering his eye. However, the gory injury looks like it will be way worse than what Todoroki received as a child. The huge blow appears to have wiped out Endeavor’s eye entirely, and his cheek is split down to his lip.

Who is Bakugou’s wife?

Mitsuki hit on Masaru rather aggressively, making him say yes to a date. After a long time of chasing him, they eventually got married and had their son, Katsuki, sometime later.

What episode does Midoriya kiss Todoroki?

Episode 23 | My Hero Academia Wiki | Fandom.

How is Endeavor abusive?

Endeavor groomed Shoto from a young age to fight, abusing him along the way. Whenever Rei would stand up for her son, she would get knocked around the same, and the years of abuse she suffered pushed her into a psychotic break.

Does Tsuyu Asui have a crush on DEKU?

Tsuyu and Deku ready to fight villains Both of them are on very friendly terms. … Considering Tsuyu has gone on to say she only wants people she views, or wants to be a friend to call her that, it is clear that Tsuyu views Izuku as such.

Who is DEKU’s cousin?

Midoriya Izuku & Todoroki Shouto are Cousins.

Does toga like DEKU?

Himiko declares that she loves “tattered guys reeking of blood” while thinking of Stain. When Spinner asks her why she’s still with the League, Himiko replies that she loves Stain, Izuku and Ochaco and that she wants to become the things she loves.

Who is Tsuyu Asui best friend?

Habuko Mongoose ( 万 まん 偶 ぐう 数 す 羽 は 生 ぶ 子 こ , Mangūsu Habuko?) is a friend of Tsuyu Asui and student of Isamu Academy High School.

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