What Fabric Can You Sublimate On?

Make your own DIY fabric labels, printed right on twill tape with your inkjet printer! This is the perfect way to personalize a gift or make a brag tag! … So it’s pretty natural to want to put a personal tag on it that says, “I made this for you!” (some people call these “brag tags”).

What is the best material to sublimate on?

Cotton is a topmost and the best choice when it comes to sublimation, also a lot of cotton shirts are printed in this way. Sublimated cotton apparels are soft, breathable and very comfortable for people who choose to wear it.

What can I sublimate onto?

What can I sublimate onto?

  • Ceramic Mugs.
  • Ceramic Tiles.
  • MDF coasters.
  • Glass Sheets.
  • Aluminium Sheets.
  • Polyester Mouse Mats.
  • Polyester Cushion Covers.
  • Polyester Aprons.

Can you sublimate on epoxy?

You sure can! Once your sublimated tumbler has cooled you can add glitter and epoxy just as you would a regular glitter tumbler. … I have FREE sublimation designs and more tutorials!

Can you do sublimation on plastic?

In order to use dye sublimation printing on a plastic item, it needs to be reinforced, usually with fiberglass. … Anything that is dark in color, or is pre-colored before printing also cannot be used. The dyes present in a colored piece of plastic would interact poorly with the dyes used in the sublimation process.

Can you sublimate 60 cotton 40 polyester?

It’s not just polyester but certain other man made fibres that sublimation will take to…… as long as it can withstand the heat. I have used 60/40 poly regularly and it works fine, as for 40% getting washed out I can say it has never happened. You must have a decent tight knit on the material.

Can you sublimate on glass?

Sublimating on glass requires high-quality sublimation ink and paper. You must go for the same brand of ink to ensure perfect compatibility and quality. Check The Best Sublimation inks.

Is dry ice sublimation?

Sublimation and the water cycle:

Dry ice” is actually solid, frozen carbon dioxide, which happens to sublimate, or turn to gas, at a chilly -78.5 °C (-109.3°F).

Can you use a Cricut for sublimation?

You cant sublimate with the Cricut, but you can print with your printer using Cricut Design Space and Print then Cut. Cricut Access has plenty of images you can use for sublimation designs. … The things that you need to sublimate using glitter heat transfer vinyl.

Does Epson make sublimation ink?

Epson Introduces Dye-Sublimation Solution Optimized for Rigid Photo Applications.

Should you wash a shirt before sublimation?

Manufacturers don’t recommend it. I’ve never seen manufacturer instructions that recommend prewashing a shirt (or other apparel) before pressing it. Prepressing with your heat press to remove moisture and wrinkles is suggested – but not pre washing.

How do you wash a sublimated shirt?

Wash colored and white garments separately. Use cold/warm water. Use a mild soap or detergent. Remove garments from washer promptly.


  1. Hang dry on wooden or plastic hangers (strongly recommended)
  2. If machine dried, set for AIR or Low heat ONLY.
  3. Remove promptly when cycle is completed.

Why is my sublimation print faded after washing?

The principle of sublimation paper is at high temperature the ink film will melt further, and then melting in the cloth. Therefore, the above condition implies that sublimation printing with a poor transfer paper washes out the ink after washing. Thus, gradually leading to fade.

Can you sublimate on a black shirt?

While it’s not possible to sublimate dark colors directly, with a Silhouette CAMEO, Sawgrass Sublimation Printer, and white glitter HTV you can make it work! … The process to sublimate on dark t shirts is the same as the process to sublimate on cotton shirts that are other colors – including white.

What is Tshirt sublimation?

What is Sublimation shirt printing? Sublimation shirt printing is a specific process of printing that first involves printing onto a special sheet of paper, then transferring that image onto another material (usually polyester or a polyester mix). The ink is then heated until it disintegrates into the fabric.

Can you sublimate on wood?

We often get the question, “Can I sublimate on wood?” And the answer is – yes! As long as it has a polymer coating. In fact, Unisub offers a variety of sublimatable wood products including these adorable Berlin-shaped ornaments. Here’s how to sublimate your own.

Can you sublimate on Mylar?

Point number 2 – yes you can sublimate plastic. I have successfully sublimated cast acrylic sheet, in various base colours and Mylar sheets. Plastics contain polymers and, as long as they can withstand the temperature, most will sublimate well.

Can you do sublimation on PVC?

Sublimation printing can be used in conjunction with other manufacturing processes. For example; clear or white PVC sheets can be sublimated and then allowed to cool in the flat. … This can be printed and when it is still warm from the press formed into shapes using a simple press forming tool.

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