What Is HR And BR In HTML?

tag in HTML document is used to create a line break in a text. It is generally used in poem or address where the division of line is necessary. It is an empty tag, which means it does not need a company of end tag.

How do you write BR in HTML?

In HTML, use
. In XHTML, the valid way is to use

as mentioned in the XHTML guidelines. According to w3 guidelines, a space should be included before the trailing / and > of empty elements, for example,
. These guidelines are for XHTML documents to render on existing HTML user agents.

How do you code BR in HTML?

Add a Line Break in HTML: Instructions

  1. To add a line break in HTML, open an HTML document to edit the HTML code.
  2. Then place your cursor at the place in the HTML code where you want to enter a line break.
  3. Then type the tag:

What is difference between B and BR tag?

tag is used to make the text bold.
tag is used to insert a line break into a text font.

What is HR HTML?

: The Thematic Break (Horizontal Rule) element


HTML element represents a thematic break between paragraph-level elements: for example, a change of scene in a story, or a shift of topic within a section.

Is BR an empty tag?

is an empty element without a closing tag
tag defines a line break). Tip: In XHTML, all elements must be closed. Adding a slash inside the start tag, like
, is the proper way of closing empty elements in XHTML (and XML).

What can I use instead of BR in HTML?

Use block-level elements to break the line without using
tag. There are many ways to break the line without using
tag. The used properties are listed below: white-space: pre; It is used to make elements acts like


How do you use BR?

tag is used to enter line breaks. It is useful for writing addresses, poems or song lyrics. Do not use
tag to separate paragraphs. It is very problematic to use
tag to separate the paragraph for the people who navigate through the screen reading technology.

Is BR self closing?

Self Closing HTML Elements

The br tag inserts a line break (not a paragraph break). This tag has no content, so it is self closing.

What are the 4 basic HTML tags?

There is a range of HTML tags, they help you to design your web page. There are four required tags in HTML. These are html, title, head and body. The table below shows you the opening and closing tag, a description and an example.

How do you close a BR tag in HTML?

  1. If you are outputting HTML on a regular website you can use
    , both are valid anytime you are serving HTML5 as text/html.
  2. If you are serving HTML5 as XHTML (i.e. content type application/xhtml+xml, with an XML declaration) then you must use a self closing tag like so:

What is pre in HTML?


 HTML element represents preformatted text which is to be presented exactly as written in the HTML file. The text is typically rendered using a non-proportional, or "monospaced, font. Whitespace inside this element is displayed as written.

What is Q tag in HTML?

: The Inline Quotation element

The HTML element indicates that the enclosed text is a short inline quotation. Most modern browsers implement this by surrounding the text in quotation marks.

What is div tag?

The div tag is known as Division tag. The div tag is used in HTML to make divisions of content in the web page like (text, images, header, footer, navigation bar, etc). ... It is used to the group of various tags of HTML so that sections can be created and style can be applied to them.

What is the difference between B BR and HR tags 3 marks?

tag is used to break the line and start from the next line
, while

tag is used to draw a straight line. 3. ...
tag is generally used in forming paragraphs or in writing poems, while

tag is used more for division of the page and making it more interesting.

What is difference between ordered and unordered list?

Unordered list — Used to create a list of related items, in no particular order. Ordered list — Used to create a list of related items, in a specific order.

What is the utility of p tag?

When writing in HTML, the

tag is a block element used to designate a paragraph. It is useful because Internet browsers add a bit of margin before after each element.

How do you add a br tag in CSS?

A line-break can be added in HTML, using only CSS, by employing the pseudo-class ::after or ::before . In the stylesheet, we use these pseudo-classes, with the HTML class or id, before or after the place where we want to insert a line-break. In myClass::after : Set the content property to "a" (the new-line character).

How do you change Br size in HTML?

You can't change the height of
as its not an HTML element, it is just an instruction which enforces a line break. br does not take up any space in the page.

How do I verify HTML5?

To confirm if a webpage is HTML5 or 4.01, check the doctype at the very top of the webpage in source code view. Responsive (HTML5): Current code: Open one of your webpages in your browser (IE, Chrome, Edge, Safari), narrow the browser to around 320 pixels wide.

How do I link two pages in HTML?

Linking in HTML code is done with the anchor tag, the tag. The letter "A" in the tag is then followed by an attribute. For a link to another web page, the "A" is followed by "HREF". To set a bookmark in the same page, the "A" is followed by "NAME", which you'll see how to do later.

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