What Is The Best Choice In Dragon Raja?

The Dragon Raja classes are descendants of human dragon hybrids, so perhaps this explains their powers and role in the story. You can romance NPCs in the game, but this is merely described as an affinity system, so it’s unclear just how far you can go with your virtual loved one.

How do you bond in Dragon Raja?


  1. The two players must be in a team, alone.
  2. Leader must go to the X NPC, located at Cassell College (X,X).
  3. They must choose X, and the other person must confirm it.
  4. Leader must choose the bond’s word, with a character limit of X, which will display as PlayerName’s BondWord.

How do I unlock hairstyles in Dragon Raja?

You can unlock the Dragon Raja Battle Uniform hair in a few hours, so it’s not a very demanding task. To get it, you must defeat the level 45 Paradiso Drunkard boss, which is the mutant Akira Sakurai. He spawns every 30 minutes in Paradisio Outskirts, near one of the cat statues (16,111).

Can you marry in Dragon Raja?

That’s right! Now you can step into the palace of marriage with your lover in Dragon Raja! Is there anyone who wants to have a wedding immediately after the update? You can post a photo of you and your lover in the comment area.

How many heirs can you have in Dragon Raja?

Heir stages are divided into the following stages: Sprout → Newborn → Developing → Growth. There is a limit of three heirs at the same time, with a 50/50 chance of your baby being born as male or female.

What is Dragon Raja based on?

Dragon Raja is a free-to-play 3D mobile fantasy MMORPG developed Chinese video game developer Zulong Games and published by Chinese video game company Archosaur Games. The game is inspired by the best-selling speculative fiction novel, Dragon Raja, written by Lee Yeongdo, a famous South Korean fantasy novelist.

What happens if you save Anton in Dragon Raja?

That is when the choice pops up – “Save Anton” or “Don’t save Anton.” Unfortunately, even if you decide to save Anton, the poor guy still takes a bullet to the chest and is barely breathing for the next few minutes. The only effect that this choice has is in your personality trait, giving you a +20 Justice boost.

Who is luminous in Dragon Raja?

Lu Mingfei (路明非), also known as Ricardo M. Lu, and Luminous in the mobile game, is the protagonist of Dragon Raja in most of its adaptations. After being recruited by Chen Motong (Nono) and Professor Guderian to join Cassell College, Mingfei was ranked as an “S” class student, the highest class in the school.

Who is zero in Dragon Raja?

Zero (also known as Renata) is one of the side characters in Dragon Raja. She first appears in the first chapter under the name Renata but in Chapter Ten, she introduces herself as Zero Razumovskaya Romanova. She is also a recruitable five-star ally. She also has an alt-ally that’s known as “Party Zero”.

Who is the most powerful character in Dragon Raja?

Soul Dancer is the best Dragon Raja class. She has really high stats and her healing ability makes her hard to kill. She has great crowd control abilities which are great in dealing with multiple enemies.

How do I increase my DPS in Dragon Raja?

How to Increase Your Power in Dragon Raja

  1. Leveling up.
  2. Equipping stronger gear.
  3. Unlocking and equipping new titles.
  4. Unlocking and upgrading many different mounts.
  5. Unlocking and upgrading combat skills.
  6. Unlocking and equipping Allies.
  7. Socketing special gems in your cores.

Can you edit your character in Dragon Raja?

You can only change your look in Dragon Raja if you are at least level 30. Changing your appearance costs 20 diamonds, which is a fairly cheap price for this. If you aren’t pleased with your gender and size, these options can be changed as well – Tony definitely delivers.

How do you buy a house in Dragon Raja?

To purchase your first house, you must click on the Home icon on the bottom left of the screen, right next to the Settings icon. Click Market and you get to drool at house examples of some of your allies, and you can also see your friends’ houses.

What can Dragon Raja do?

Featuring a deep and comprehensive character creation and progression system complete with classes, skills, pets, and equipment, Dragon Raja gives players full control over their characters as they explore the gigantic game world that’s brought to life by a host of NPCs, various real-world locations, and the presence …

How do you get a Dragon Raja costume?

First and foremost, go to the Wardrobe and check the two costumes with the names Wings of Loki and Dreamy Rondo. Pretty cool, aren’t they? Notice the unlock conditions: unlock by equipping level 60 or higher epic clothes. So, this means that you can unlock them only after reaching level 60.

How do you get the dream Guardian outfit in Dragon Raja?

To get this free outfit, you must claim the gift from the Event interface as soon as you can, because this is a limited offer. This event gift includes the following items: Avatar – Moon Rabbit. Outfit – Dream Guardian.

How do you get the scorch emblem in Dragon Raja?

The other way to earn Scorch Emblems is by participating in the PvP events Day of Liberty and Snowmoon BG. This is something that you should be doing anyway, as those EXP points don’t come easy when you’re nearing level 90.

How do I get Carnival Raja carnival tickets?

To get carnival tickets, you only have to log into Dragon Raja during the weekend, on Saturday and Sunday. However, there is another important detail to earn the tickets, which is the time of day – the weekend packs where the carnival tickets are included are available if you stay online between 8 PM and 11 PM.

Does Dragon Raja have codes?

Dragon Raja compels you to invest extra money in order to progress in the story. But you can avoid this to some extent if you use the Dragon Raja codes in our list. By redeeming these codes you can get essential goodies which include gold coins, evolution stones and potions.

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