What Is The Meaning Of Grose?

Gros becomes grosse(s) in the feminine, and then you pronounce the S

What does BAS mean French?

bas noun, adjective. low, bottom, base, foot, stocking.

What is the plural of Une Croix in French?

Nouns ending in -s, -x and -z do not take the plural form. le bois => des bois. un pas => des pas. une voix => des voix. une croix => des croix.

What is the feminine of Blanc?

blanc (feminine singular blanche, masculine plural blancs, feminine plural blanches)

What is Jolie French in English?

pretty, lovely, nice (thing)

Does Bon mean good in French?

Adjectives. Bon is usually an adjective. It modifies a noun and means good, suitable, efficient, correct, useful, etc. Bien means good, moral, right, healthy, etc., and can only be used as an adjective with copular (state-of-being) verbs such as être.

How do you know if a word is feminine in French?

The ending of a French noun often changes depending on whether it refers to a male or a female. Generally, words ending in -e are feminine and words ending in a consonant are masculine, though there are many exceptions to this rule.

What words are feminine?


  • female.
  • femalelike.
  • gentle.
  • soft.
  • tender.
  • womanish.
  • womanlike.
  • womanly.

What is Growse?

Filters. (UK, dialect, obsolete) To shiver; to have chills. 1.

How did Gross come to mean disgusting?

The word gross has been in English for hundreds of years. We got it from French, where it means “big” or “fat.” It took on a variety of senses in English related to size, including “coarse” (gross grains as opposed to fine), “strikingly obvious” (grosse as a mountaine), and “whole” (gross as opposed to net value).

What does Gross mean in slang?

Slang. unpleasant, disgusting, offensive, etc.

What is feminine Joli?

You must use the form of the adjective corresponding to the gender of the noun it modifies. jolie is the feminine form. joli is the masculine form.

What does La Jolie Fille mean?

jolie fille pretty girl gt.

What is violet feminine?

Summary. The French translation for “purple (feminine)” is violette.

What is Masculin Pluriel of black?

The French translation for “black (masculine plural)” is noirs.

How do you make Cher feminine in French?

Cher= dear / expensive (adjectives that change meaning according to position)

  1. Make most adjectives feminine by adding -e.
  2. Adjectives ending with mute -e don’t change in the feminine form.
  3. Forming the feminine of adjectives ending in -el, -eil, -il, -ul, -et, -s.
  4. Adjectives ending in -er become -ère in the feminine.

What is noir feminine?

Noun. noir m (plural noirs, feminine noire) a black person.

Is Vieux plural?

L’école est publique. … (The schools are public.) Vieux, which means “old,” is used with masculine singular nouns and vieille is the feminine singular form of the adjective. The masculine plural form of the adjective is the same as the masculine singular, vieux.

What is the meaning of Nez in English?

noun. : eyeglasses clipped to the nose by a spring.

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