What Is The Sentence Of Example?

Scribe sentence example

  1. Each took a copy and one was held by the scribe to be stored in the archives. …
  2. The pen became finer in course of time, enabling the scribe to write very small. …
  3. The virtues of a scribe are honesty and care (or in a single word fidelity) and intelligence.

What is the sentence of Doodle?

Examples of doodle in a Sentence

Verb She doodled in her notebook instead of taking notes. I plan to spend the entire vacation just doodling.

How do you use scratch in a sentence?

There was a long scratch on the side of the car.” “The boy came in with a huge scratch on his face.” Used with verbs: “She had a scratch on her arm.”

How do you use Word scratch?

“She always begins her workout with a good stretch.” “The long stretch of ocean was breathtaking.” “There is a narrow stretch of empty land in our backyard.” “We were the only ones on the empty stretch of the beach.”

What is the sentence of beast?

Beast sentence example. The wolf is a ravenous beast , and thirsts for blood. Finally, he landed a sharp blow to his horse’s rump and made the beast dart in the direction he wanted. “No pain,” the beast before her said.

What is the sentence of swathed?

Examples of swathe in a Sentence

Verb The nurse swathed the wounded soldier’s leg in bandages. Her neck was swathed in jewels.

What is the example of doodle?

The definition of a doodle is a casual or rough drawing made without much thought. A little picture of a house you made on the back of a napkin without a lot of thought going into it is an example of a doodle.

Why do people doodle?

Why do people doodle? … Doodling helps relieve boredom and frustration and the urge to doodle gets stronger as stress levels rise. Doodling is like a safety valve that allows pressure to be dispelled in a playful and creative way. Doodling has been defined as ‘to scribble or draw aimlessly, to play or improvise idly’.

How do you use cultivate in a sentence?

Examples of cultivate in a Sentence

Prehistoric peoples settled the area and began to cultivate the land. Some of the fields are cultivated while others lie fallow. a plant that is cultivated for its fruit They survived by cultivating vegetables and grain. He has carefully cultivated his image.

What is a scribe person?

(Entry 1 of 5) 1 : a member of a learned class in ancient Israel through New Testament times studying the Scriptures and serving as copyists, editors, teachers, and jurists. 2a : an official or public secretary or clerk. b : a copier of manuscripts.

How do you use proverb in a sentence?

Proverb in a Sentence ?

  1. An old proverb says that an attorney who represents himself has a fool for a client.
  2. Repeating a proverb, the wise woman reminded her heartbroken daughter that it is better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie.

Has have Ke sentence?

Has या Have के Negative Sentences बनाने के दो तरीके होते हैं। पहला तरीका यह है कि है दिया है कि Has, Have के बाद Not लगाते हैं। दूसरा तरीका ये है कि Singular Subject के साथ does not have तथा Plural Subjects के साथ do not have का प्रयोग करते हैं।

Has had have had?

You have to use “had had” if something has been done long back, not recently. But if something has been done recently, then you can use “have had” or “has had” depending on the pronoun. For example, I have had a good lunch this afternoon.

What are three sentences?

There are three main types of sentence. A simple sentence. A compound sentence. A complex sentence.

Is doodle a art?

Doodling is that art which you do without even thinking when your mind is occupied elsewhere. It is supposed to be an expression of your inner self and the way your subconscious mind thinks. It goes without saying that some doodles are better than others, after all, it is not everyone who has a talent for drawing.

How do you use lavishly in a sentence?

1. The Bradfords always entertained lavishly at Christmas. 2. The room was lavishly decorated with tinsel and holly.

What is swathing in farming?

For mixed farms, a swather allows operators to cut and condition hay crops, and swath forage crops as well as use it for cereals and oilseeds. We also see swathers used quite a bit for malting barley, where chemical application can be restricted.

What traverse means?

1a : to go or travel across or over. b : to move or pass along or through light rays traversing a crystal. 2 : to make a study of : examine. 3 : to lie or extend across : cross the bridge traverses a brook.

What is a sentence for Heart of Gold?

He has a heart of gold – and charm. Under all the banter, bravado and tough love he has a heart of gold. She does lots of stomping and slamming, but she has a heart of gold. Often he plays a cheeky chap who lives irresponsibly but has a heart of gold.

What is the sentence of write?

“Write your name neatly at the top of the paper.” “Please write down your name and phone number.” “She writes her name beautifully.” “He frequently writes for the local newspaper.

What is the opposite of a beast?

Antonyms: angel, inanimate object, man, matter, mind, mineral, soul, spirit, substance (material), vegetable. Synonyms: animal, brute, fauna, living creature, living organism, sentient being.

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