Published on Dec 24, 2019

Wolf Art Background Images

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The complex social order of the wolf family is as loving and caring an environment as one will find in the wild. A strong male and his mate, form the center of this tight-knit group. As with any potential relationship, first impressions will last a lifetime.

Few animals have undergone the challenge in public perception, as has the North America wolf. For decades this feared and often hunted creature had gone extinct in many areas of Canada and the United States that they had roomed freely for 1000s of years. Today many conservation efforts and public awareness has helped reintroduce wolf packs into many national parks across the US and Canada. Montana with one of the largest wolf populations in the US has seen an increase of 8 percent in 2010. This increase while significant only brings the total to 565 wolves in the state and only 1650 across the mid west and about 60,000 across all of North America.

The biggest supporters of the reintroducing these wolves back into many areas are the Western Wildlife Conservancy and the Defenders of Wildlife Organization. These pro wolf groups through fundraising and lobbying efforts have made an impact in the hunting and trapping laws associated with the animal as well as raising public awareness and support. It is the goal of both these organizations to protect the species as well as the habit in which it roams.


Many people today are also learning about the life of the wolf through art. The renewed interest in wolf conversation has inspired many wildlife painters and sculptures to take a second look at this beautiful animal and the life it lives. Internationally renowned artist Stephen Lyman pioneered the renewed spirit of the wolf through more than a dozen painting that received many esteemed awards in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Named one of the World’s top artist prior to his untimely death in 1996. Millions of people have seen his spirit and devotion to this creature through his art. Ultimately raising awareness and curiosity through art.

Recently wildlife sculptor Joe Slockbower introduced “Circle of Life”. A wolf sculpture that depicts a wolf mother, father and cub in a loving and tender moment in time. This sculpture and many others depict the wolf as a dedicated, caring and sociable animal. This is a stark difference how the world portrayed this animal only a decade earlier.

While many organizations champion the plight of the wolf pack and the environment. It has been through paintings, posters of wolves and wolf statues that has made the biggest impact on the positive perception in today’s society. Showing these creatures in a positive light has helped the survival of these creatures and has helped bring them back from the brink of extinction.

Samual Johnson is a artist, conservationist and sculptor. A native of Wyoming, he currently is retired in sunny Tampa, Florida. Since his early childhood growing up in the rugged mountains of Wyoming he has always been intrigued by wildlife. It was common to see bear, elk, bald eagles and wolves on a daily occurence. It is no wonder he has made it a focus of his artwork and writing. His most resent work in progress of a series of wolf statues inspired this article.

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