Published on Jun 22, 2017

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Women have a strong contradiction about her statements and the reality. They behave in such a way that it seems that everything is fine, but this can not be true in fact. This state of mind of women has been discussed for many centuries and the same behavior that we see today. They do not clearly show problems, and sometimes do not discuss with the men to find a solution.

Women have a different type of character and their behavior changes regularly. Sometimes they are very happy, and sometimes feel very uncomfortable. Take, for example, a very normal situation when a lady wears a dress and asks her husband for his opinion regarding the dressing sense. If a husband does not praise the lady and about her dress, women sometimes get angry.

There are many things that women find very difficult to face and do not like to see in the man. These things are sometimes very difficult to detect and vary from woman to woman. However, a list of such things is compiled after studying various cases and marking points of disagreement between husband and wife.


Women have another big problem that they do not like men who always look at them and don’t take it good at all. This very tense for them and will be monitored at all times.

Men also need to understand that watching a woman and their activities can lead to the fact that women can think that their husband don’t trust them. In addition, it is incorrect to call them every day after an hour or so.

Insensitivity is the main thing that most women do not like at all. In this case, a little sensitivity is required. They want to get the attention from men, otherwise they will be shattered into their behavior all the time.

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