Published on May 9, 2017

Zebra White Background Images

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The black and white stripes of the zebra prove that the opposites do attract. Zebras are known to reinforce their bond, by grooming each other. They symbolize an ideal balance and harmony. They are social animals that believe in the unity of the family. They form a circle a dangerous predator and will be ready to strike if the predator is about to attack.

A large mass of moving zebras is difficult for some predators to attack because it mixed black and white stripes which can confuse a predator that try to make a direct attack. The Zebras long, thin legs also help to make a quick and easy escape, and a powerful kick from ungulates can lead to serious injuries to any predator that includes lions, leopards, hyenas, and hyenas.

Although zebras can look the same from a distance, there are three different types of zebra with three different groups. Plains Zebra is the most common and recognizable Zebra. They can be found living in impersonal meadows and savanna woodlands. They weigh about 600 pounds and can stand 57 inches high on the shoulders. The black stripes are consists of different lengths and widths that come together in the middle of the animal, to resemble the letter Y.


Zebra weighs about 650-700 pounds. They are usually found in the mountains or hilly habitats. Their black and white stripes are vertical, except for the abdomen, which is solid white. Black and white stripes are different from other types since they are narrower stripes encircle the rump into a concave shape.

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